Domaine Alphonse Dolly

This family owned estate in the Loire riverside village of Thauvenay in the Sancerre appellation has been producing exceptionally bright, fresh clean Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Noirs for several generations.   Old sea bottom vineyards with clay-limestone soils, some combined with flint outcroppings, provide perfectly balanced fruit for the Sancerre, Pouilly Fume, and Menetou-Salon appellations.

The white wines are fermented for 4 weeks in temperature-controlled stainless steel and kept 5 months on the lies for extra body and texture.  The reds undergo a 48 hour maceration and spend 9 months in Troncais oak barrels.

The Cuvee Silex wines are special cuvees made exclusively for Chemin des Vins from flint (Silex) soils.  They combine the fresh citric fruit of the Sauvignon Blanc with lovely floral elements and a pronounced layer of minerality in the nose and on the palate from the flint.

Wines Produced

Sauvignon, Vin de France
Pinot Noir, Vin de France
Sancerre Cuvee Silex
Pouilly Fume Cuvee Silex
Sancerre Rouge Cuvee Silex
Sancerre Pauline Cuvee de Prestige



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Sauvignon Blanc2014 Alphonse Dolly, Sauvignon Vin de France

Family-owned estate in Sancerre
Vineyards just outside the Sancerre appellation
All stainless steel   lovely aromatics
Pure essence of Sauvignon  grapefruit character
Fresh, dry, crisp and clean






Pinot Noir2014 Alphonse Dolly Pinot Noir Vin de France

Family-owned estate in Sancerre
Vineyards just outside the Sancerre appellation
All stainless steel
Pure essence of Pinot Noir    bright, clean, fresh, light red with great acid balance and lovely aromatics
Serve chilled to bring out the  cherry flavor





Alphonse Dolly Sancerre2014 Alphonse Dolly, Sancerre Cuvee Silex

Unique Sancerre made exclusively from clay-limestone soils containing deposits of flint
Fresh, bright, clean Sancerre with great aromatics, hints of white flowers and a very dry, crisp finish
Has a fascinating minerality in the nose and on the palate that makes it sing as a food wine especially with shellfish, fish, cream sauces and goat cheese








Sancerre2012 Alphonse Dolly Sancerre Cuvee Pauline

Special cuvee of Sancerre with fruit from 60 year old vines  aged 50% in oak barrels and 50% in acacia barrels      combines the crisp acidity and  minerality of classic Sancerre with the rich texture and smoky, toasty character from the barrel aging








Pouilly Fume2012/13 Alphonse Dolly, Pouilly Fume Cuvee Silex

100% flint soils    elevage in stainless steel
Expressive nose with lots of flint and ripe citrus fruit
More concentrated, earthy and pungent than the Sancerre with lots of flint minerality on the palate
Great choice with goat cheese, shellfish, fish and cream sauces   







2012 Alphonse Dolly2012 Alphonse Dolly, Sancerre Rouge Cuvee Silex

100% Pinot Noir   [sourced from flint soils
Bright, pure berry/cherry aromas
Pure Pinot character on palatte      light, fresh and clean with Layers of spice, berries, cherries
Sweet fruity finish, dry and clean