Chateau de Chamilly – Mercurey

Ensconced in a beautiful valley in Burgundy’s Cote Chalonnais, the Chateau de Chamilly is an impressive estate.  The 17th century house was built on the foundations of an even older fortified farm.  The Desfontaine family purchased the estate in the early 19th century and have managed it for 12 generations.  Now, Veronique Desfontaine and her two sons, Xavier and Arnaud, have embarked since 2007 on a major effort to restore and develop the vineyards and cellars.

Viticulture is now lutte raisonnee with no chemical herbicides or fertilizers.  Vineyards are 25-80 years old with clay/limestone soils.  Natural yeasts are used for fermentations

and the reds are not fined or filtered.  The focus of production is from the appellation of Mercurey for the reds and Montagny for the whites.  They also vinify purchased grapes from Fixin Clos du Chapitre and Corton la Perriere Grand Cru, and purchased  white musts from Puligny Montrachet Sous le Puits 1er cru and Saint Aubin Derrieres Chez Edouard 1er cru.

I believe that this is an up-and-coming estate, and that as the family completes the upgrading of the vineyards and rebuilds the cellars, quality, while very good now, can only improve.


Wines Produced


Montagny Les Bassets
Montagny Les Reculerons
Montagny Les Jardins
Montagny Les Burnins
Mercurey Marcoeurs
Puligny Montrachet Sous le Puits 1er cru
Saint Aubin Derriere Chez Edouard 1er cru



Bourgogne Cote Chalonnaise
Mercurey Les Monthelons
Mercurey Les Puillets
Mercurey Clos la Perriere
Fixin Clos de Chapitre
Corton la Perriere Grand Cru



Rhode Island:  Wine Brothers
Virginia and Washington DC:  William Harrison Imports


White Wines


Les BassetsMontagny “Les Bassets”

5-40 year old vines   clay-limestone soil with flint

Elevage in concrete and stainless steel tanks  10 months sur lie

Minerals and flint in nose   fresh, bright and clean  fine texture










Red Wines



Cote ChalonnaiseBourgogne Cote Chalonnaise

40-60 year old vines    clay-limestone soil

lutte raisonnee     natural yeast

12 months in barrel   8-10% new barrels   6 months in stainless steel     not fined or filtered

100% Pinot Noir    juicy, fresh and clean

Cinnamon spice in nose   lush, round tannins







Les PuilletsMercurey “Les Puillets”

45 year old vines   thin soil over rock ledge  iron-rich clay-limestone soil   top of steep slope  warmer microclimate

lutte raisonnee

Natural yeast

12 months in barrel  20-22% new   6 months in stainless steel tanks    not fined of filtered

Dense black fruits, licorice   mineral

Chunky tannins     will become more expressive with some time in bottle





Clos la Perriere2013 Chateau de Chamilly, Mercurey “Clos la Perriere”

3 parcels 1/3 25 years old   1/3 65 years old  1/3 80 year old year     clay/limestone soils with lots of iron


All natural yeast     sustainable agriculture

17-20% new barrels for 12 months    6 months in stainless steel tanks     not fined or filtered

Pure berry and cherry fruit

Smooth supple tannins   great acid balance

Long, sweet finish